Hi. Welcome to my blog. I often write fairly lengthy threads on Twitter about #indyWales. I figured it might just be better to write under a blog format and link to these essays on Twitter. I don’t claim to be an authority. I’m just an average guy who thinks that Wales should establish a democratic state of its’ own. Everything I write on this blog will be nothing more or less than my own opinion. Feel free to disagree with me … I just hope I can give a little food for thought on the matter of Welsh Independence.

A little about me – I enjoy Science Fiction. I speak Welsh. I’m a massive metalhead. I take an interest in History, Economics and Politics. I’m a member of Plaid Cymru and my politics are liberal-left and green.

So I guess you know what to expect now. I’ll start by posting some articles I wrote in the past for Nation.Cymru. I’ll try and rewrite a couple of threads and then I’ll start posting some new stuff.

Hwyl am y tro,